Self adhesive cork strips 3mm

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Self-adhesive cork strip – what can I find in your store?

Are you interested in a 3 mm cork thickness? In our store, you will find two available formats of self-adhesive cork strips: 3 mm x 100 mm x 30 m and 3 mm x 50 mm x 30 m. It is really worth reaching for natural cork in the form of a self-adhesive roll tape, as it is a universal product! Natural cork can be used for the production of various types of accessories, including also the technical ones.

Why is it worth reaching for a self-adhesive tape from natural cork?

Do you have a headache just thinking about the materials that require drilling and noise? We have a great alternative for you! Natural cork is an easy-to-use and durable material that effectively dampens annoying vibrations. It is also a safe, non-toxic and flame retardant material. The handy form of our self-adhesive cork strip will make your work easier!

Another advantage? Fast and easy installation with cork tape roll!

Simple and quick installation is something that distinguishes our product. Cork in the form of a strip with a self-adhesive layer is a great convenience and an ideal solution for those who appreciate quick and simple solutions. Cork can be glued to different surfaces, including paper, cardboard, ceramics and plastics. Just remember that adhesive bonds quickly to the surface.

Adhesive-backed cork strip 3 mm – a universal material

Do you love handicrafts? Unleash your imagination with a cork tape roll! You can also use your cork strip as a practical mini board and attach spontaneous ideas that hit the spot, and you don't want to forget about them. What’s more, cork is used by the technical sector and companies that produce gaskets.

Surrounded by nature

In addition to the practical and aesthetic benefits of using cork, there are also environmental advantages! Cork is a renewable material that allows sustainable production. Modern solutions without damaging the environment? We’re in!
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