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We operate as a family company which specializes in the production and distribution of high quality natural cork products. Even though the seat of our company is in Europe, owing to optimum costs of delivery, we supply our cork products very quickly and at low cost to almost any place in the world. The best Portuguese cork is offered in our internet cork shops at the best prices to our customers in 30 European countries.

Thanks to the substantial knowledge of our team and many years of experience in the industry, we are able to give you professional advice on our constantly growing range of cork products. Our company is steadily developing, adjusting its organizational structure, scope of manufacture and business strategy to the conditions imposed by the market. We believe that a bright future is ahead of us.
We are steadily and systematically developing our business using the acquired knowledge and experience and implementing further investments. We are a distinguished and reliable brand in the cork products industry. We immediately respond to the needs and expectations of our customers and business partners both in the country and various parts of Europe and the world. We value reliability, integrity and honesty of our partners. We aim at offering cork products of the highest quality to the biggest number of customers at the most favourable prices.
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