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Cork powder – an alternative to the traditional form of cork bark

Do you appreciate the unusual properties of natural cork, but its traditional form does not meet all your expectations? Cork powder with the finest dust particles has proven to be a useful material for various industries and needs. Powder from cork is obtained from carefully selected, pure pieces of eco cork. In our store, you will find cork dust particles in two different sizes: the finest grain – 0-0.25 mm (the average density of 90-110 kg/m³) and 0.2-0.5 mm (the average density of 60-80 kg/m³). Both types of cork powder are available in the size of 10 kilograms.

New possibilities with cork powder

The parts of natural cork that are not used during the production are further processed into cork powder. It's a natural and sustainable raw material, which can be used in the manufacturing as an addition to construction materials for good insulation parameters. Ground form of cork is valued by our business clients especially in the production of glassware, cork inserts, building and construction industry, for e.g. diaphragm wall construction.

Looking for effective insulating materials?

As you probably already know, natural cork is an effective heat and acoustic insulator, and retains its properties also in the form of a powder. The addition of cork powder to the building materials guarantees enhanced insulation and higher quality.

Cork sand for professional and hobby crafts projects

Perfect choice for people who are interested in moulding and shaping – both professionally and as a hobby. It is enough to combine cork dust with a suitable binder and use the material for creating various types of decorations, such as dioramas or Christmas cribs. Cork dust is also a very useful tool for scenographers and stage designers – the dust can be used as a filler for decorative items or as an impressive sand imitation. The material can be additionally painted in order to give it a different visual effect. With cork powder, you can create hundreds and hundreds of one-of-a-kind decorations.

Cork powder for anglers

Due to the fact that natural cork is a light material that floats well on the water surface, it is perfect for creating fishing cork ball pop-ups. The light brown colour gives naturalness to the fishing baits.

Properties of cork powder?

Cork powder is suitable for many industries, as its advantages are countless! This is a non-conductive, resistant to UV radiation and biological corrosion material. Cork powder is also chemically inert and does not react with liquids and gases. Are you looking for odourless loose material? Cork powder will be great!

Nothing is better than natural

Natural cork is a unique product in a lot of ways. A great value of sustainable cork is that it is an environmentally-friendly material obtained by harvesting cork oak bark. It does not harm the environment and offers a possibility of creating eco gadgets and products with our planet in mind. Moreover, cork powder can be used as an energy material (biomass). Natural is always the best!  
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