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Granulated cork – a different form of natural cork. More practical!

Do you love environmentally-friendly cork, but the traditional form is not enough for you? Explore cork granulate – another original cork product that opens up new possibilities! This time we present crushed cork with an average grain size for various uses. Suitable for demanding industries such as construction, furniture, sports, or shoe production. In our store, cork pellets are available in the following sizes: 0.5-1 mm, 1-2 mm, 2-3 mm, 3-4 mm, 4-5 mm and 5-6 mm. Remember that granulated cork also varies in density and product weight.

Upgrade your building materials with cork granulate

Medium-size cork particles are used in manufacturing countless cork products e.g. cork flooring, cork rolls or rubber-cork materials. Why is this sustainable material often chosen for building materials? Cork granulate is durable and serves as heat and sound insulation. Leading building contractors increase the functionality and insulating properties by adding cork granules to their building materials.

Reinventing natural cork in a functional way with crushed cork

Granulated cork is a versatile and durable product with many functional properties. Cork granulate does not conduct electricity or emit odours at high temperatures. Natural cork is resistant to water and biological corrosion.

Production of cork granules – how does it work?

In our production, we use each and every piece of cork in a wise and reasonable way. One of the smartest ways to use post-production waste from natural cork is to transform it into granulated cork by mechanical grinding of the material. All cork parts used in the process are clean and of the highest quality. Cork granulate is a natural and safe product, and its production does not harm the environment.

Creating art with natural cork!

Cork is an unusual material – especially when you are looking for a practical decoration for your art projects! Granulated cork has found wide application in designing scenography, floral accessories, eco gadgets, and more. Cork granulate is a flexible material for professional industries creating various types of mock-ups.

Designing sustainable garden with your cork pellets

Our clients claim that granulated cork is their favourite cork product for the garden! Why? Natural cork imitates stone or gravel perfectly, but also shows remarkable properties: increases soil aeration and is an ideal soil conditioner. The cork particles prevent grass from deforming. Nature is the best!

Versatile product! Cork granules for hamsters and more

Granulated cork is widely used in the furniture industry as an eco-friendly filling. It is also an aesthetically pleasing product, often used for a terrarium or hamster cage. Cork pellets are used in sports as a filler for various sports accessories and in the shoe industry.
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