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Your personal pin board and much more! Rolled cork for many uses

With our cork board roll, you will create the best cork boards! Rolled cork is perfect for the production of practical information boards or filling display cases. The material is also used for designing sustainable cork coasters and mats! Why is a thick cork roll very popular among our customers? It’s all about the practicality and appearance of natural cork!

What else can I get from natural cork?

Sustainable cork is an ideal material for interior walls! A 8mm cork roll serves as a stiffer material compared to thinner cork rolls, which is also impact resistant. Cork board roll is also a great material for artists who want to create stunning art installations and mock-ups.

Quality and properties of a thick cork roll

  • Natural cork is a light material,
  • the material does not deform,
  • we choose only high-quality cork to create a thick cork roll,
  • natural cork does not attract dust and dirt,
  • good thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • the cork board roll is pleasant and soft to touch and anti-allergic.

What about the installation of my cork wall covering roll?

The installation of the 8mm cork roll is not complicated, and you can do it yourself. The best and fastest way to install it is to use glue – we recommend Wakol D-3540, which is the best adhesive for cork. Thanks to the product, you will evenly and effectively place the layer of thick cork roll on the wall!

A better future with nature

We develop sustainable production because we care about the environment! Natural cork is also a material that is safe for health. Nature won’t let you down!
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