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Cork pin board with a cork roll – reach for the best material on the market!

Searching for a perfect material to create a larger pinboard? Cork rolls with a thickness of 5 to 10 mm are designed to create cork boards. The thicker the cork, the more stable and resistant the board – that’s why we especially recommend the 10mm cork roll! Cork roll is not only a practical solution for home or office, but also school and university.

Cork in a roll – pure quality

Are you looking for a thick technical cork? Our cork wall covering roll with a thickness of 10mm will work as a universal material! Natural cork has a lot of advantages, and some of them are:


  • Cork has good insulating properties, making your room warm, quiet and peaceful,
  • natural cork stops your room from echoing,
  • cork in a roll can be used at home, in cafés, restaurants, schools, and many more,
  • in the event of a fire, cork does not emit toxic fumes,
  • 10mm cork roll is a material that is very pleasant to touch.


Creating an original interior with a practical and eco-friendly 10mm cork roll!

Our cork roll is the best material to create cork walls! Sustainable cork serves as a natural wall decor and creates a delightful and comfortable atmosphere! Did you know that natural cork also works as a great protection for walls? Cork in a roll will effectively protect against scratches, e.g. while playing Darts!

What else can I do with my cork wall covering roll?

10mm cork roll is a guarantee of easy and quick installation! If you want to change the shape and size of materials, all you need to do is purchase a sharp knife for cutting cork, which you can also purchase in our store. Natural cork can be painted and serves as a great material to be used as a desk divider in the office.

Reinventing nature

Did you know that harvesting the bark of cork oak does not harm the trees in any way? Cork is a natural and renewable material that is safe for your health. Our production is sustainablenature is the best!
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