Self adhesive coloured cork notice boards 455x610mm


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Self-adhesive cork boards – surround yourself with colour!

Coloured cork wall boards can be installed in your home, trendy pub, restaurant or café. The best background for selfies! Self-adhesive cork boards can be used to create smaller, symbolic wall decorations, as well original larger wall decorations.

Loving natural cork, but looking for bolder solutions? Coloured cork wall boards 455 x 610 mm are for you!

You can choose one colour and create a uniform structure, or choose different options of coloured cork and design delightful configurations. There are many options for you to create your dream space for the whole family!

Self-adhesive cork sheets – a simple yet effective design idea

Coloured cork sheets are sold with a self-adhesive layer to make your installation as easy as possible! You can choose expressive colours or something from the subdued colour palette. Find the one that suits your needs best!

Coloured cork not only for children and schools…

You can design a unique interior with self-adhesive cork sheets not only at home, but also in places that are specifically created for children. Cork is the best material for designing children's playrooms!

Create magic with colourful and self-adhesive cork boards – the easy and fast way!

Thanks to the self-adhesive layer, you will quickly transform any interior where you wish to install your coloured cork! The adhesive layer is only suitable for gluing to smooth, flat, clean and dust-free surfaces (e.g. plasterboards or furniture). Also remember to acclimatise your cork for at least 72 hours before the installation.

Looking for a charming, but also safe and natural material?

Natural cork combines these features! It is a safe product for children that is often recommended for those who struggle with asthma and allergies. By choosing our products, you care about the environment – our production is sustainable and harvesting the bark does not damage the trees.

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