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We know how it's done! Expanded cork – the best insulation

Looking for an effective material that will provide great insulation for your new house? Or maybe you are planning to renovate an older building and wish to introduce natural insulation? In both cases, an insulation board from cork Lambourde is the best answer! Forget about polystyrene or mineral wool – our insulation panel from expanded cork is a material that will meet your expectations.

Why should I choose cork boards from expanded cork?

Expanded cork is a material made from the bark of the cork tree. During the process of heating natural cork to high temperatures and subjecting it to high pressure, cork grains expand in special moulds. That is how we produce insulation boards from expanded cork with remarkable insulating properties and original dark shade. Insulation panels Lambourde provide excellent heat insulation and sound insulation. Did you know that the thermal conductivity of expanded cork is 0.037-0.040 W/mK? Acoustic insulation Lambourde can reduce noise by up to 59 dB! Cork panels can be used under drywall or wood – your perfect internal wall insulation and underfloor insulation.

Looking for insulating materials? Effective house insulation!

The highest quality just for you! Expanded insulation cork boards are durable and reliable – you can enjoy the technical properties of the boards for up to 50 years! Insulation panels are resistant to various temperatures and do not change their size in the temperature range from -180ºC to 120ºC. In addition, expanded cork panels are resistant to chemicals, mould and other pests.

Designed for easy installation

The mere thought of time-consuming installation gives you a headache? Our insulation boards Lambourde are designed for those who reach for an easy installation – expanded cork boards are additionally equipped with evenly distributed OSB mounting strips. Such a structure of insulation panels allows using dowels for quick assembly during the installation. You can also attach a drywall or MDF board with wood screws. After the installation, expanded cork can be left in its natural form or painted with paint or varnish.

What is the size of expanded insulation panels? Insulation board 50mm and more!

Each expanded cork panel measures 500 x 1000 mm. In our online store you will find three different thicknesses: 40, 50, 60 mm. If you want to obtain a better insulating effect, we recommend choosing a thicker cork board.

The future is natural and sustainable

Producing the highest-quality products is of utmost importance for us, but equally important is concern for the environment and ecology. You can rest assured by choosing expanded cork Lambourde – it is a natural, ecological and recyclable material. We make sure that the production of our panels does not harm the environment and is as sustainable as possible. The panels are a natural product that does not contain polyurethane – the binder is a natural resin that binds the enlarged grains into one unbeatable product.  
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