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Cork in a roll – what is it used for?

A thin cork roll with a 0.8 mm thickness is used to make the best cork coasters, boards, cork insoles, cork veneers, and many more! Cork in a roll is an ideal material for creating cork coasters, because the material is flexible, so you can cut various shapes out of it. The 0.8 mm cork sheet roll is also used in the production of decorative veneers, furniture fronts and decorative cladding. A thin cork roll can also be used to create eco-friendly cork labels with printing.

What are the available sizes of a cork sheet roll?

The 0.8 mm cork in a roll is a comfortable and handy material that is available in two different options: 0.8 mm x 1.22 mm x 100 m and 0.8 mm x 1 m x 100 m. The 0.8 mm thickness option is the thinnest cork roll thickness available in our store.

Thin cork roll – a high quality product with a lot of advantages

Natural cork is oil-resistant and does not change its properties under the influence of different temperatures. Cork sheet roll adheres well to the surface and is an antistatic material. Moreover, this thin cork roll is a light and soft material that does not attract dust or dirt. A perfect product as a desk pad in the workplace or a children's room. Cork in a roll protects the surface against scratches and damage.

Looking for other sizes of a cork in a roll?

Are you looking for a cork sheet roll with a decorative function? Choose our thin cork roll! The material looks the same as the thicker cork, but is much cheaper. Choose thicker rolls if you need more durable, resistant to bending, etc. material.

Time for nature

Technical cork is made from natural Portuguese cork. The bark is obtained with precision and great care – trees renew their layers every 9 years. Obtaining the raw material has no negative impact on the trees and environment, and eco cork enables us to produce natural items sustainably. Natural cork is a safe product that is often recommended for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.  
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