Rubber cork gasket sheets

rubber cork sheets Rubber cork sheets, produced from special cork granules and selected rubber, are perfect for all kinds of sealing and vibration isolation. The material obtained is exceptionally flexible, mechanically resistant and completely resistant to oils, fuels, greases, gases and many other chemical substances. It is main application is the production of gaskets for machines, devices and vehicles. Vast experience in this demanding industry, knowledge gained over the years and the latest production technologies resulted in the success of these advanced rubber cork products.

Nature, science and industry combined into one. In our regular offer we have rubber cork sheets in the 100x100cm format with a thickness of 1 to 10mm, from Amorim Cork Composites, the largest Portuguese producer. The cork rubber gasket material offered is one of the wide ranges of proven solutions widely used in the automotive and energy industries. Buying the rubber cork sheets you also get engineering support and technological advantage, helping you to select, design and produce any seal.

The rubber cork allows the use of a larger contact area and the achievement of a higher compression ratio, which guarantees an excellent barrier against potential leaks and distortions. The cork rubber gasket sheets are designed, manufactured and tested in such a way as to meet all the requirements for a given application and maintain high economy and cost-effectiveness. Rubber cork material is characterized by high resistance to the media used in industry, e.g. fuel, cooling agents, lubricants, gases.
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