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What is cork granule? How is it produced?

Granulated cork is nothing more than fragmented pieces of natural cork bark, which are most often obtained in the production of cork stoppers. And by saying "nothing more" we really mean it! During the production, we make sure we produce a pure product without any artificial additives. Importantly, natural cork does not lose its properties in the process of obtaining cork granule. The structure of granulated cork allows for even more practical use of the raw material and reaches for the places where the traditional form of natural cork is insufficient.

What types of granulated cork are available in your online store?

In our offer, you will find various types and sizes of cork granulate. We created a wide range of products due to the various uses of cork granules – each customer will select cork particles that will find its application in a certain area. How do we divide cork granulates? Choose from cork powder, granulated cork with many different sizes of grains, and cork pieces. Cork powder is the finest cork material with a diameter typically less than 0.5 mm, which is obtained from selected and clean cork bark – without the use of adhesives and fillers. Granulated cork presents the average diameter of the fragmented cork and can be purchased in many fractions. Cork pieces are the largest grains available in our store – these irregular cork bits typically measure a few centimetres. If you need something more than just cork particles, we have also specially dedicated sections: cork infill (for playfields and pitches), expanded cork granules and coloured cork granules. When choosing cork granule, you should also consider the density of the product.

Why do we need cork particles, and how can I use them? Sustainable ground cover, granulated cork insulation and more

Granulated cork is a universal product that will prove useful in cases where you need a flexible and adaptable material. Natural cork is a great heat insulation and noise insulation, and at the same time a light and mouldable product. Cork granule is used for the production of cork insulation board, cork floor boards, cork gasket materials, cork insulation and other sound insulation materials. It can also be used in gardening as one of the ingredients for the plant substrate and a practical backfill for artificial grass. Granulated cork is widely used in the construction field or as a filling of artificial sports fields. A perfect accessory for Christmas cribs or hamster cages. We could go on and on and on... The number of applications depends on your imagination and creativity!

Natural is always the right choice!

Why is cork granulate becoming more and more popular nowadays? Beside the multitude of applications, cork is a non-toxic, natural and healthy product. Sustainable production is a response to environmental protection – eco cork allows us to turn our ideas smartly into reality and care for our planet without littering and causing damage to the earth. What more could you want?  
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