Coarse grained cork sheets

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Smart, modern and natural – coarse grained cork board sheets

Cork sheets made from the highest quality cork! What does this mean in practice?
  • Problem with a noisy neighbour? Choose natural insulation! The thicker your coarse grained cork board sheets, the better the insulation,
  • great material for suppressing vibrations (various machines and devices),
  • flexible material,
  • resistant to moisture,
  • natural cork is an antistatic material,
  • a soft and pleasant to touch surface.

Cork sheets – choose the right thickness for your project!

Are you looking for cork board sheets for walls, but can't find the right thickness of the material? Our store offers many options, and you will surely find the right one for you! Coarse grained cork boards are available in the 640x950mm dimension.

Countless applications with coarse grained cork boards

Technical cork is suitable for cutting and engraving, thanks to which it is used in the creation of, e.g.:
  • efficient dilatation,
  • environmentally-friendly gadgets (advertising industry),
  • cork pin boards (we recommend a cork with a thickness of at least 5 mm – the thicker the cork, the better the final effect),
  • furniture, dioramas and terrariums.

Your modern interior! Cork board sheets for walls

With cork sheets, you can create a practical and natural wall decoration. If you value the properties of natural cork, but don't quite like its appearance, we also offer decorative cork panels for the wall. The cork can also be painted to give it the colour you want!

Nature for you!

Coarse grained cork boards are made from cork granules, which are combined with a natural binder. Cork board sheets for walls have a higher density compared to fine-grained and medium-grained cork. Choose a sustainable and safe solution!
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