Cork leather fabric

Cork Leather: A Sustainable Choice for Crafting and Design

Cork leather fabric, an eco-conscious choice, marries robustness, adaptability, and environmental respect. Ideal for a myriad of applications, cork leather is superb as a decorative cork veneer on walls, as cork paper for crafting, or as cork material for sewing. Extracted from the bark of cork oak trees, cork for sewing respects ecological balance, promoting sustainability. Its distinctive cell structure, filled with tiny air pockets, lends it lightness and robustness simultaneously. Cork veneer and cork fabric for sewing offer endless opportunities for both functional and artistic endeavors!

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Technical Insights of Cork Material for Sewing: Focusing on the Fine Details

Our cork material is synonymous with exceptional quality, emphasizing sustainability. The decorative cork veneer features a thickness of 0.55 mm, composed of 0.5 mm natural cork and 0.05 mm of a polyester-cotton blend for added strength. Our wall cork is available by the meter, with a maximum roll length of 17 meters (12 meters for Cortex Delau collection) and a breadth of 137 cm. The range of colors and textures extends from classic cork hues to designer variations!

Enhance Environments with Cork Veneer: Mastering the Craft of Cork Wall Design

Our cork veneer, crafted from pure natural cork, brings an element of organic sophistication and a warm ambience, upgrading any interior with its eco-friendly and sustainable qualities for wall applications. Cork veneer further rejuvenates various items and devices. Envision customizing books, journals, or eco-friendly gadgets with this refined and earthy material!

Cork Leather Fabric: A Game Changer in the Fabric World

Cork fabric, also known as cork leather, is revolutionizing the fabric industry with its innovative and ecological attributes. This remarkable cork fabric for sewing adapts to a range of uses, including handbags, purses, apparel, and additional accessories. The allure of cork material for sewing stems from its texture, sturdiness, and eco-friendliness, appealing to those who prioritize fashion alongside environmental responsibility.

The Charm of Cork Paper: Infusing Nature's Essence

Cork paper is uniquely designed to serve as the aesthetic, visual layer atop more rigid or insulating materials. It's ideal for furniture cork veneer surfaces, OSB panels, and decorative layers on insulation products, imparting a natural charm to any item. Additionally, we also offer a self-adhesive cork paper variant for easy application, perfect for all smooth, dust-free surfaces.

On the Rise: The Growing Appeal of Cork for Sewing

The demand for cork paper is soaring due to its sustainable nature and multipurpose use. With growing eco-awareness, cork leather fabric and other cork-based products are increasingly popular. Cork for sewing and cork veneer represent more than trends; they embody a shift towards sustainable, environmentally friendly goods without sacrificing quality or design.

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