Granulated cork insulation

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Looking for the best granulated cork insulation? Expanded cork – the best choice!

Expanded cork is a product that is loved by our customers – a real bestseller! And there are many reasons for that. If you are looking for a reliable and practical material, you couldn't have found better. Don't waste your money on artificial and insufficient materials that won't stand the test of time. Expanded cork granules are perfect for non-standard uses, as it is a flexible and lightweight product! What distinguishes these cork granules is also a darker shade that may perform a decorative function. The material can effectively imitate soil or stone – a perfect material for your terrarium and garden. Useful, natural, and modern – what more could you want?

How are expanded cork granules made? Zero waste!

It's a sustainable process. First, we heat natural cork grains in special moulds to very high temperatures. The cork particles expand during the process of heating – just like popcorn. That's how the natural material acquires improved properties compared to other products or even a traditional form of natural cork. During the production of expanded cork, the material releases a resin (suberin), which naturally binds all the particles. Expanded cork granules are made from products that have not been used in the production of the insulation boards made from expanded cork.

Granulated cork from expanded material – what size can I find in your online store?

We sell granulated cork insulation with a size of 3-10 mm (average density – 60-70 kg/m³). The volume of the product is 250 litres. Expanded cork granules are very convenient to apply due to their easy-to-use and lightweight form! This exceptional form of granulated cork has been developed with a focus on effective, practical, and quick insulation. The best material for hard-to-reach places!

The best insulation with expanded cork granules

Are you dreaming of warmth and silence in your building? Expanded cork will fulfil these expectations, as it serves as an exceptional insulation that is second to none. However, if you need cork boards, visit our section "Thermal & sound insulation expanded cork boards". Thanks to the heating process, the cork material expands and serves as the best thermal and acoustic insulation. Expanded cork brings comfort to the buildings exposed to noises and cold.

Granulated cork insulation for building materials and more

How can you use expanded cork in the form of shredded cork? There are many applications of expanded cork insulation, but our clients most often use in the construction industry, as a filling for interior double walls, gable roofs, with loose insulation between joists, gaps, empty floor spaces, etc. Did you know that expanded cork granules are also used on film sets? The producers use the expanded cork bits to create special effects, such as i.e. debris during explosions!

Natural choice for you

We offer you a 100% safe and natural product with no artificial binders or chemicals. Moreover, expanded cork is a hypoallergenic and recyclable material. Natural cork is obtained from the bark of the cork oak tree that absorbs four times more CO₂ than other trees. We love how green and sustainable the natural cork is!  
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