Cork notice boards without frames

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Unframed cork notice board – designed for universal use

Our frameless cork notice board is a universal and functional gadget that will be useful not only in the office. Do you want to create a stylish pub, restaurant or café? You can attach your menu to the self-adhesive cork board using colourful pins! Cork boards without frames are also often chosen for classrooms and dormitories. You can hang a calendar, reminders, your favourite photos… Whatever you want! Play with natural cork and combine different colour options.

Get the best advantages and forget the rest! Reach for a self-adhesive cork board

Self-adhesive pin boards are resistant to repeated pinning, and the material does not crumble. Your documents and photos will not fall off! Our frameless cork notice boards present a natural and highly aesthetic surface, but if you want to go crazy, you can also paint the cork boards the way you like!

What about the installation of my self-adhesive bulletin board?

You can install your self-adhesive cork board anywhere! Just remember to properly prepare the surface – it should be clean, dry and dust-free. Installation is a breeze with the self-adhesive cork! The boards can be installed both vertically or horizontally – it's your choice!

Cork boards without frame – what are the options?

What exactly are you looking for? Actually, don’t answer that – we definitely have it anyway! Would you like to reach for the classic form of cork? Yes, the brown colour of the cork is just amazing! For those who want more, we have also prepared tons of colours and cork boards with a print. No space for boredom with natural cork!

Nature for everyone

Portuguese cork is a material appreciated all over the world. Why? It is a combination of modern design, practicality and nature. Take care of the environment with us and create a better future for the next generations.
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