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Create original pin board for wall and explore practical and aesthetic rolled cork!

Why is it worth reaching for natural cork and cork roll 6mm? It is a smart combination of practicality, naturally beautiful design and a responsible approach to production. Leading architects are increasingly turning to cork material and rolled cork. Natural cork inspires!

What size of the wall cork to choose?

Do you want to create a stunning and large cork board without many visible joints? With the 6 mm thickness of the cork roll, you will create your dream board! You can cover the entire wall with a cork sheet roll and design a one-of-a-kind cork board. Our cork wall covering roll is thick enough, so you can pin your notes or favourite photos!

Cork on a roll – a material that guarantees comfort and quality

Natural cork will make your flat or house warmer, quieter and cosier. The cork roll 6mm is an ideal material for projects that require larger surfacesrolled cork can be used for various types of expositions, as a decorative material, and much more. Natural cork will create a warm, cosy and playful interior in every kids’ playroom!

Safe cork sheet roll for you!

Cork wall covering roll does not attract dust or dirt – this is also a material that is resistant to damage. Cork roll 6mm material will serve you for many years! Rolled cork is an antistatic, fireproof and hypoallergenic product – often chosen by allergy sufferers. Cork shows good insulating properties, which are praised by our customers!

Natural choices are the best

Did you know that by choosing natural cork products and rolled cork, you care about the environment? Every time we design and create new products, we try to develop a highly sustainable production and help protect our environment for future generations. Fall in love with natural cork with us!

What about the appearance of a cork roll 6mm?

Cork on a roll presents a natural and delightful brown colour. Nature is beautiful! You can either use a natural shade of your cork or cover the material with paint or varnish in order to achieve the desired effect!
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