Rubber cork material

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Cork-Rubber underlayment rollsWarm and silent floors for the years to come?

Rubber cork underlay for the panels provides an excellent acoustic isolation and thermal insulation for all the sorts of floating floors. It perfectly mutes any hit and areal sounds that could reverberate in the room when using the floor, which remarkably improves the comfort. As it efficiently eliminates the imperfections of the surface under the installed flooring thus its durability and lifespan is increased. The floors are quieter, warmer and much more comfortable. Insulation natural cork underlays are so durable that we can guarantee that they will last longer than the floors themselves.

Cork rubber sheets are made from cork granules and different rubber mixes, silicone, neoprene and polyurethane thus the final product is exceptionally elastic, durable and resistant to grease, oil, fuels, gases and many other chemicals. It is used as a seal material for industry seals, agricultural machines and cars.

Sheet of Cork with Rubber Using cork rubber underlayment when laying flooring from composite?

For flooring we recommend special cork rubber underlayment in a few standard versions. It is manufactured from the top quality rubber material from high quality rubber granules and polyurethane glue. It is advisable to use such supports when constructing and laying of wooden flooring, which gives them the right pliability and elasticity, and also in laying of composite and wooden terraces.
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