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Let's talk about cork and rubber

Can you successfully combine rubber with cork? Yes! Our cork rubber underlayment is a mix of nature and a modern approach to production. Get a proven product and be sure that our cork rubber material is the best choice for your floor! Discover all the advantages of the combination of cork and rubber. Ready?

A floor underlayment with countless advantages!

Let's start by stating that cork rubber underlayment is a combination of high-quality cork granules and rubber granules with polyurethane glue. The combination of these three gives us the privilege of creating cork rubber materials of the highest quality for you. In addition, the cork rubber underlayment is a waterproof and antistatic material. It is also resistant to lubricants, oils, fuels, gases and other chemicals. The unusual features of the cork rubber material will extend the life of your floorbe ready to enjoy it for many years!

Comfort today, comfort tomorrow... Comfort forever!

Cork rubber underlayment is not only an exceptionally durable material – it is also an extraordinary insulation that will make your home quiet and warm as never before! Together, cork and rubber reduce vibrations, mute sounds and make the floor particularly pleasant. Cork rubber underlayment is also a fantastic thermal insulation – appreciate your warm floor feeling even in the winter!

Let your floor underlayment do the job

Any other good thing about the cork rubber underlayment? We give you an exceptionally versatile product – cork rubber underlayment can be used under floor panels, wooden floors, parquets or tiles.

Tell me about the types and formats!

Sure! Cork rubber material is available in two variants: in the form of floor underlayment or cork and rubber sheets. We recommend the cork and rubber sheets to manufacturers who produce rubber cork gaskets in the automotive industry. All available thicknesses of the cork rubber material can be found in the products – just select the category you are interested in (see above).

Nature inside your home and floor

Cork material is a trendy product, but that's not the end of the story. It is primarily a natural, ecological material that guarantees sustainable solutions. Take care of the environment with us!  
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