Thermal & sound insulation expanded cork boards

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Expanded insulation cork sheets, with this special type of agglomerated cork, are natural, balanced and unbeatable cork products that do not contain polyurethane or any other fillers or additives. Due to the high temperature processing treatment it expands (like popcorn) and suberin that is released during this process is a natural adhesive that binds the expanding grains. This is how we produce a superb, natural and sustainable material that offers a perfect vibroisolation, acoustic insulation and thermal isolation.

A noisy neighbour?

Expanded cork wall panels are excellent for sound and thermal insulation. It is an acoustic isolation and eliminates all the sounds coming from the other side when fixed on the wall or ceiling. It is worth to consider a light construction of 30-40mm cork insulation panel, mineral wool or air gap and closing plasterboard or OSB panel if the wall is thin and the noise is of great inconvenience. In most cases the placement of the 10mm wall cork insulation panel will be sufficient for reducing the noise.

Looking for a more privacy?

If the issue at hand is more serious than just a loud TV then an expanded decorative cork insulation panel is an answer to the problem. To achieve privacy in one’s own home, a panel 20 to 25mm thick will be sufficient. It is recommended not to finish the cork panel after the fixture as its irregular structure will disperse sounds more effectively and eliminate any echoes, increasing our comfort. We are aware that the technical cork may not be appealing to everyone so we offer a wide range of decorative cork.

Freezing outside and the walls are ice-cold?

40 million cells full of air in every cubic centimetre gives thermal conductivity of 0.037 W/mK. What does this mean? It means much more warmth in the apartment and no more high gas bills. Even 10-15mm expanded cork insulation panel is sufficient to make even the coldest walls warm to the touch. But the 20-25mm cork insulation sheets will provide enough insulation and will keep the warm air inside and guarantee a comfortable and cosy living space.

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