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Perfect sound and heat insulation – expanded cork at your fingertips!

Are you looking for a material that will provide exceptional warmth and silence? Forget about the usual and regular materials like polystyrene or mineral wool. Opt for an effective and proven solutionexpanded cork! Select the appropriate size, density and form that suits you best and enjoy the useful and durable cork board panels!

Why should I choose expanded cork? A handful of information!

Expanded cork is primarily an efficient heat insulation and noise insulation that is second to none. Remember – the thicker the cork, the better insulation benefits you get. But why is expanded cork so effective? Due to the high temperature processing treatment, cork granules – just like popcorn – expand. Such a structure of expanded insulation cork board perfectly eliminates all sounds and ensures a blissful silence at your home. You don't have to worry about the neighbours and the noise they make! Expanded cork board panels will effectively disperse these irritating sounds. Another advantage of using expanded cork board wall panels is undoubtedly a great thermal insulation – your room will always be warm, cosy and comfortable. Expanded cork is a highly durable material that does not produce toxic gases in the event of fire.

Expanded cork – what can I find in your online store?

The choice of the form depends on the function that expanded cork has to fulfil in your interior. If you need an effective thermal, acoustic and anti-vibration insulation, choose standard expanded cork boards. Looking for an easy installation? Select expanded cork Lambourde with additional mounting strips made of OSB. High density (HD) expanded cork is directed to clients who need a material that will provide increased insulation. MD facade –  a fashionable, modern and functional facade of the house. But can you combine the exceptional properties of expanded cork and modern design? Yes! Explore the categories with decorative expanded cork. More information about each type of expanded cork is available in the categories available above – just click on the section that interests you the most!

Quality and versatility for your interior

Expanded cork board sheet – an amazing insulation that you can use in many ways. As a wall, floor, ceiling insulation or simply as a natural surface finish. Some of our customers appreciate the natural beauty of expanded insulation cork boards and leave them in the original form. However, you can also cover it with technical or decorative cork if you wish to create a different visual effect.

Be eco with us!

Are you looking for ecological finishing products for your home? Excellent! Expanded cork is 100% ecological and natural. It also has no additives – the binder in expanded cork is its own natural ingredient called suberin.  
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