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Cork dilatation joints – flooring solutions for everyone!

How to take care of your floor from the very beginning? There are many answers, but one is always correct – floor dilatation. Cork is the perfect expansion joint to your floor – select the best product with us! Support your floor, make it comfortable and even more useful!

New thinking of floor joints

If you are combining different types of flooring – e.g. wood with tiles or carpets with laminate – remember to create an expansion gap. No expansion may lead to bulging and cracking of the floor or accumulating a lot of dirt. Enjoy your floor for many years! Implement cork dilatation joints and improve the comfort of living!

Useful is the best!

Our cork expansion joints are a practical and durable product that is suitable for various types of flooring. Cork material primarily controls the movement of the floor and serves as a sound insulation and heat insulation. Walking comfort comes first! Opt for a reliable, moisture-resistant floor dilatation material. Cork prevents deformation and damage to the surface, and also absorbs tensions. At the same time, it is an unusually aesthetic material, which will fit any interior design!

Which version will be the best for you?

The cork expansion joints are available in two versions: as cork strips for flooring and liquid cork. If you want to fix expansion joints during your floor installation, choose cork expansion joints. If you want to fill the existing expansion gaps, you should choose liquid cork. Our liquid cork also works well as an expansion joint in hard-to-reach places (corners or door frames).

Feel good with nature

If you care about the environment, you couldn't find a better place. Cork is a natural, raw, biodegradable and recyclable material. By creating our product, we improve your living comfort and care for nature. A perfect combination!  
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