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Are you looking for a natural cork in the form of a rolled cork?

Purchase cork roll 2mm if you need a thinner material but strong enough for further processing and production. Our rolled cork is the perfect material for creating promotional gadgetscork board roll is a great way to combine natural cork with ceramics, wood, metal or plastic. Natural cork 2mm is used to create the handles of fishing rods or elements of musical instruments, games and toys for children. Cork roll 2mm is the best material for all those who love to create natural decorations or mock-ups from scratch!

Practical and aesthetic cork board roll – the best on the market!

Sustainable cork is an exceptionally charming material whose natural appearance creates a great impression! However, depending on the purpose and the desired final effect, you can also paint natural cork or use a varnish. It all depends on your imagination! A comfortable material due to its size – creating numerous gadgets from natural cork will be very convenient and useful.

Cork 2mm – what can you purchase in our online store?

A cork roll with a thickness of 2 mm is sold with a width of 1 m and in various options when it comes to its length – from 1 to 40 m. We also offer two non-standard sizes: 2 mm x 1.4 m x 345 m and 2 mm x 1.5 m x 345 mm. The Estela decorative cork roll for walls is available in the format 2 mm x 0.5 mm x 8 m.

Cork roll 2mm – what about the quality and installation?

All of our products are made with great attention to quality – the same applies to the cork board roll! The material is durable, flexible, and antistatic. Natural cork provides great impact protection! Cork 2mm is a lightweight material that guarantees easy and quick installation. Remember that the surface to which you apply your cork roll should be dry, smooth and dust-free. We recommend the best cork adhesive Wakol D-3540 for installation (you can also purchase it on our website).

Nature is our friend

Did you know that natural cork is an ecological material? That's what we love about sustainable cork the most! Nature allows us to create countless products that are not only natural, but also useful. Natural cork is a safe product – it does not cause allergy and is completely safe.  
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