Cork roll 3mm

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What exactly is cork in a roll? Find out why our customers love natural cork

How is a cork in a roll made? It is a combination of ecological material and natural binder – nature is the best, isn't it? 3mm cork roll is a real bestseller in our online store! Eco cork is a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly product that is recyclable and sustainable. Reach for natural materials!

Cork sheet roll – explore the benefits of using eco cork!

Our cork sheet roll is a product of the highest quality! Natural cork is a quite flexible material – thanks to its unusual structure, cork 3mm is an antistatic material and does not deform. With sustainable cork, you can easily keep your room or interior clean, because the material does not attract dirt or dust. Thanks to its soft structure, you can print on cork in a roll using a proper device. With our product, you will create amazing and eye-catching advertising labels!

For what purposes is a 3mm cork roll used?

Cork wall covering gives a minimalist, delicate, but also natural and modern look. 3mm cork roll is a material often used in various industries, e.g. for producing office, educational or artistic gadgets. Cork sheet roll serves as a great decoration for window displays, exhibitions, etc. Cork 3mm protects against scratches and the temperature of hot dishes.

Cork in a roll – what about the installation?

Installation of your cork in a roll will be simple due to the handy form of the product! Remember to apply 3mm cork roll to a smooth, clean and dry surface. For the installation, choose the best cork glue – we recommend Wakol D-3540, which you can find in our store! Thanks to the best adhesive, the material adheres well to the surface and you save a lot of time!

Artistic projects and environmentally-friendly gadgets with a cork sheet roll!

Aesthetic and practical cork sheet roll is used for creating marketing gadgets or more practical materials, such as technical seals or road markings. Cork 3mm is perfect for DIY projects and other craft projects. You can cut out various shapes from cork material and paint it.  
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