Glue cork parquet flooring

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Cork parquet floor – unique interior created by nature

Natural flooring appreciated all over the world? Cork parquet floor tiles! Our glue down cork floor tiles guarantee a warm and unusually comfortable floor in your home. Cork parquet floor is frequently replacing a wooden floor as cork is more resistant to moisture. In addition, keeping your cork parquet flooring clean is exceptionally easy! All you need is a vacuum cleaner or cloth with water and a mild detergent.

Why do people love cork floor so much?

  • pleasantly soft material under your feet every day,
  • cork is a material that absorbs impacts and effectively mutes walking sounds,
  • natural cork is a bacteriostatic material,
  • durable and resistant to moisture and damage,
  • cork parquet does not attract excessive amounts of dust and dirt.

Glue down cork floor tiles – a great variety and simple installation with glue down flooring

What can you find in our store? Cork parquet floor tiles are not only a practical solution, but also a combination of nature and astonishing patterns. Many available shades and patterns – select the most perfect pattern that will meet your aesthetic needs! For the installation of your glue down cork floor tiles, we recommend the best Wakol D-3540 contact adhesive. Each tile consists of two layers: a part made from agglomerated technical cork and a decorative top layer.

Parquet floor tiles – get the best natural materials

Our cork parquet floor is made from an organic and natural material that is not only safe for health, but allows us to develop sustainable production. We love nature and the feeling is mutual! This is also a great choice for allergy sufferers.
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