Cork decking for marine industry (SeaCork) Cork boat deck flooring

Natural Cork Boat Flooring for marine decking? The best choice for sailing enthusiasts!

In the world of sailing, where every detail matters, choosing the right water-resistant material for marine decking plays a pivotal role. Our natural cork marine decking, specially designed for cork decking for boats, combines tradition and modernity. When you opt for our natural cork boat flooring, you get reliability, elegance, and durability - valued by both seasoned sailors and beginners. Choose the best cork decking for boats!

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Natural Cork Decking for Boats: Longevity and safety with water-resistant marine decking

Thanks to its outstanding durability, the natural cork boat flooring is perfect for marine decking and boat mats. Natural cork decking for boats maintains a comfortable temperature, whether in heat or cold. The natural cork boat flooring not only looks great but also offers maximum safety. With its slip-resistant texture, cork boat deck ensures a secure grip. Moreover, this water-resistant natural cork boat flooring is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your cork boat deck remains in prime condition. Don't wait and get your safe cork decking now!

Cork Boat Deck: Simple Purchase and Installation of Water-resistant Natural Cork Marine Decking

We offer water-resistant natural cork boat flooring for boat and yacht marine decking in convenient rolls. You can order by the square meter (m²) to get exactly what you need. An 8 mm thick roll has a maximum length of 8 m, and for 5 mm, it's 13 m. If you choose 15 m² of an 8 mm roll, you get two rolls - one of 8 m length and the other 7 m. This way, we can provide the exact natural cork decking for boats that you desire!

Water-resistant Cork Boat Flooring: Want Your Cork Boat Deck to Shine with a Unique Pattern?

For distinctive stripes and designs on the cork boat deck and cork boat flooring, all you need to do is saw and mill them. The resulting grooves can then be filled with the special compound BOSTIK Simson MSR Deck Caulk Advance or Sikaflex 291 to give your natural cork decking an unparalleled look.
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