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Why would you need our top quality cork tape? If you're looking for the answer, you couldn't have found better.

Why is it worth reaching for our cork tape? Sit back, get comfortable, and let us explain.

A perfect waterproof material? You've got it.

Agglomerated cork is a stable and light material. Cork roll ensures minimization of water absorption – all thanks to hydrophobic substances.

The product is waterproof, but did you really think that was it? No way!

This is not the end of its exceptionalities. Cork roll material is resistant to extreme temperatures, fungus, mold and weather conditions. Do you need thermal insulation? Sound insulation? Great, order our cork tape, and you're done.

And we still haven't finished...

If you're not convinced yet, check this out – our cork tape is a flexible and durable material. Is it eco-friendly? Of course! We care about the environment. The production of sustainable materials is of utmost importance for us. We offer you a completely natural and ecological material that will not do any harm to our environment.

But where would I actually use the cork tape?

Wherever you want. Really! The use of cork tape depends on its thickness and width. You will use it for notice boards, sealing, sustainable clothing production, ceramics, glass, stone, construction elements. At this point you probably understand why we call it an ideal choice. We have no doubts. Don't hesitate and choose our eco tape!
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