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Decorative cork – modern for a better future

Are you bored with traditional wall decorations? Forget about wood, ceramics or glass. It's time for your band-new and unique wall art! Improve your interior with our trendy decorative wall panels from cork. Your friends and family will be delighted!

To inspire your style

Decorative cork wall panels are a modern and universal decoration that will fit any style and space. Do you want to effectively improve the standard of your flat? Make that happen with our charming decorative wall panels from cork! Or maybe you are looking for the perfect wall decoration for your office or café? Choose yourself how many hexagons you need and how you wish to arrange them – the possibilities are endless!

Useful for everybody

Modern and charming design... But what about practicality? Don't worry, our decorative cork wall panels are both beautiful and useful. Cork suppresses surrounding noises, gives the room warmth and is easy to clean. Dealing with the cork material for the first time? Our decorative wall panels from cork have a self-adhesive layer, so we guarantee it will be a quick and easy installation. The adhesive layer is suitable for gluing only on smooth, flat, clean and dust-free surfaces (e.g. plasterboard or furniture).

It's your choice

Our store is a paradise for creative people – explore all variants and colours of our decorative cork wall panels! You can choose a hexagon cork board that showcases the natural beauty of agglomerated and expanded cork. Decorative wall panels from cork are also available in the following colour variants: gray, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, red, brown, purple. Choose the tone that's most appropriate for your interior! If you need a larger coloured decorative cork, feel free to visit our categories "Self adhesive coloured cork notice board sheets - noticeboard tiles" and "Decorative cork boards & wall tiles". You will surely find something for yourself.

Sustainable choice

By reaching for our decorative cork wall panels, you support sustainable and ecological production. The panels are made from 100% natural cork, which does not harm the environment. Be eco with us!

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