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Expanded cork and house cladding – simply the best facade!

Expanded cork is an unconventional product that combines great insulation parameters with a naturally beautiful and eye-catching decoration. For the customers who are looking for a fresh and ecological way to finish their building facade, we have created a special series of MD facade cork wall panels. The unusual pure design of our cork insulation boards will delight you with its timeless appearance and an effective insulation that will ensure comfort and blissful moments spent in your interior.

Create your dream home with expanded cork sheets

MD house facade boards serve as an ideal exterior covering of a building, but also a perfect covering for interior walls and ceilings. This natural wall cladding does not require any additional finishing or impregnation. Front facade panels are a proven product that will serve you for many years. Expanded cork boards present high technical parameters – the material is durable and stable. Facade cork sheets are also resistant to extreme temperatures (from -180ºC to 120ºC) and pests, insects, mould, fungi and chemicals.

What is expanded cork, and why is it recommended for the building facade?

Expanded cork owes its unusual properties and sophisticated appearance to the process of heating natural cork. Cork pieces are placed in special moulds – the material is then heated to a very high temperature and subjected to high pressure. During the process, a natural resin called suberin is released and binds the expanded grains together. Expanded cork shows better insulating parameters than standard cork products, thanks to which it is recommended especially for the house facade.

Go further with insulation and opt for exterior wall cladding

Are you looking for useful heat insulation boards and acoustic insulation? MD facade is the perfect choice. Thermal insulation boards will ensure the right temperature in your building – both during the summer and winter. Is your building exposed to unpleasant vibrations? Expanded cork is a material that, thanks to its anti-vibration properties, will ensure the comfort of living. Front facade panels with sound insulation will also take care of irritating noises and sounds, so that you can comfortably relax after a difficult day.

The dimensions of the expanded cork wall panels

In our offer you will find cork insulation boards in three different variants of their thickness: 40, 50 and 100 mm. The greater the thickness, the better the insulation – choose the right parameters to suit your personal needs. Each expanded cork board – no matter what thickness you select – measures 500 x 1000 mm.

Natural source of expanded cork insulation

Searching for a natural building facade? Cork is the best answer! Expanded cork is a 100% natural and recyclable material that does not include any artificial fillers. But that's not the end of the story – the production of expanded cork panels is a sustainable process, where 90% of the energy used is covered by biomass (a by-product of our own industrial production). Forget about mineral wool or polystyrene – choose a natural solution and enjoy your natural facade!  
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