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Framed notice board from cork – your colourful and smart choice!

A cork pinboard is one of the most popular products made from natural cork. There's nothing surprising about that! A highly functional pinboard will effortlessly simplify your lifestyle. But can usability be combined with a colourful, fashionable design? Of course! Meet our framed notice board from cork! Discover all the options and refresh your interior in a trendy way!

Feel the colour and choose your ideal framed notice board from cork

Which decorative framed notice board from cork will you choose for yourself? Options are numerous! Framed notice board in aluminium, medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and wooden frames. A wide range of choice assures endless possibilities depending on your usage. A practical and stylish framed notice board for your notes, photos, documents and more! If you value the natural beauty, opt for a delicate wood framed notice board or a cork notice board without a frame.

Design, safety, and quality

3 in 1! Framed notice boards from cork are versatile, and their unconventional design will revamp any interior. Children will love it! You can use your decorative framed cork board at home, in your office, shop, school, university – wherever you wish! Pin your notes, cards, papers, favourite photos or drawings and surround yourself with a lovely atmosphere. Enjoy the quick and easy installation (all the necessary elements to complete the installation are included in the set)!

New and ecological way thinking

Great aesthetic and practicality go hand in hand with sustainability. Natural cork is 100% ecological, recyclable and safe. Choose our product, support sustainable production and enjoy eco gadgets
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