Cork roll 5mm

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Dreaming of a large cork pin board? A high-quality cork roll will meet your expectations!

Cork board roll with a thickness of 5 mm can be successfully used as a cork pin board. However, this is not the end of the story, and there are more possible applications of natural cork! Technical cork is a great material for the production of yoga mats, various types of gaskets, orthopaedic insoles, and more. With our cork roll, you will create delightful and larger informational cork walls!

Purchase cork rolls for walls and discover the difference!

Cork roll will be great for your home, office, pub, but not only. It is also a practical and inventive material for schools and kindergartens! Cork rolls for walls can be used for creating cork boards, to which you will attach drawings and artworks made by the youngest students. Collect good memories!

Cork board roll for those who need more from their materials

Natural cork is a material that, thanks to its exceptional structure, has a variety of uses! Why is it worth reaching for cork rolls for walls? Let us name at least a few benefits! Cork roll 5mm is a durable and antistatic material. Additionally, cork board roll is chemically neutral. A high-quality product with very good technical parameters!

The best surface protection with a cork roll

Would you like to make your interior cosy? You'll love natural cork! Natural cork roll will warm up cool walls, and its delightful and naturally beautiful structure with a brown colour will change your interior – come back to your home with a smile!

Cork roll 5mm – what about processing and installation?

Is cork roll 5mm a difficult material to work with? Of course not! For cutting cork, we recommend a knife which will facilitate your work – the cutter knife for cork can also be purchased in our store. Cork is a lightweight material that adheres well to the surface.

Nature is our friend!

Did you know that natural cork is an ecological material? During production, we create high-quality material that is made of a combination of agglomerated cork and a natural binder. Cork roll 5 mm is a safe product and its production is as sustainable as possible. We love nature!
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