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Inspired by cork

Despite what is said about cork, it's not only a great wine stopper... Let's change that stereotype! It is a naturally beautiful design that will transform your interior. It's an exceptionally reliable product that will be suitable not only for home use, but also as a technical material. Discover our wonderful cork board panels!

Diversity for you!

Cork board sheets are the most diverse material in our online store. We offer three main categories: fine grained cork, medium grained cork, and coarse grained cork. For fine grained and medium grained cork panels, the maximum size is 640 x 950 mm. The largest possible format for coarse grained cork panels is 635 x 940 mm. If you think you need cork material in a larger format, please visit the "Agglomerated cork rolls" section – you will surely find something suitable.

Way to go! But which one?

Each of the three types of natural cork sheet has different properties. Fine grained cork panels have a smooth surface, are soft and relatively flexible. They are fantastic for creating different gadgets, but also technical elements, such as seals. Are you looking for a reliable cork board? Then medium grain cork panels will be the best option. A wonderful mix of the natural beauty of ecological cork and its usefulness will create a universal cork notice board – both for home and more formal settings. If you are seeking to find the best insulation cork board (thermal insulation and acoustic insulation), choose coarse grained cork panels. The best way to warm up a cold room! No more noisy nights because of the neighbours! The use of each category of cork material also depends on the thickness – you can learn more about it in the categories above.

Smart, beautiful and true

Cork board sheets are a universal product. Thanks to its natural beauty, it will take any place to the next level. Create your own private place with our cork board panels and introduce elegance, warmth and usability to your interior. Cork board panels are also an ideal solution for the workplace and business. By arranging your restaurant, hairdressing salon or waiting rooms with our cork board panels, you will delight your guests. Create a safe place in an unsafe world.

Designed for easy installation

Natural cork panels are very easy to install. There are several ways to fix them, but we recommend using a cork glue. The best products can be found in the "Cork tile adhesive" section. Just remember to even the edges of the board panels, especially when creating a large notice board – you will avoid visible joints.

The self-adhesive layer is only suitable for gluing to smooth, flat, clean and dust-free surfaces (e.g. plasterboards or furniture boards).

Eco-friendly, created by nature

Choose a proven and natural product. Our cork board panels are 100% natural and ecological. We make sure that their production is environmentally-friendly, that's how they are so special.

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