Liquid cork sealant Bostik 3070

When you combine floors, you will need the expansion joint and to fill it with a material resistant to compression and stretching. When working with each other, the floors, due to changes in humidity and temperature, may slightly decrease or increase their linear dimensions. Therefore, we recommend to prepare a 5-10 mm wide gap on such a joint, which will reduce the stress between the floor surfaces.

In places where there may be warping and deformation of the surface, liquid cork sealant Bostik 3070 compensates for the "work" of the floor. In order to fill them, a cork mix is used, which isn’t only an aesthetic finishing of the floor, but most of all it effectively eliminates all stresses. The high elasticity of the liquid cork is indispensable for repeated compression when the humidity of the floor increases and when stretching, as it decreases.

Liquid cork sealant Bostik 3070 is also the highest quality seal for acoustic and thermal insulation. The large number of air-filled cells in cork granulate make BOSTIK 3070 an insulating material that effectively reduces heat and cold transfer and provides excellent sound insulation. Therefore, it is good for acoustic and thermal insulation, in particular for insulation between the window frame or for filling joints in connection points of building elements, partition walls and masonry as well as for other possible applications of acoustic and thermal insulation. The liquid cork Bostik may be applied by hand or with a suitable spray gun. First, fill the expansion joint carefully with cork material, remove the excess cork and level with the surface spatula, leave to dry for 24 hours.

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