Liquid cork sealant Bostik 3070

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Bostik 3070 – spray cork insulation for people who need more!

Three expressions that best describe Bostik 3070? A high-quality, formable, and durable cork sealant. Do not look for temporary solutions – choose a real bestseller! Bostik 3070 is a universal cork sealant for expansion joints, created from cork granules and a flexible binder. A quick-drying, lasting and resistant product3 in 1! More? Perfect sound insulation and heat insulation. Bostik 3070 is not only a functional alternative to outdated solutions, but also a delicate and elegant interior finish.

That will be practical

That's for sure! Spray cork insulation will work effectively with many different materials: wood, plastics, cork, plastics, plaster, cement or concrete. Also, convenient for filling expansion joints in hard-to-reach areas – corners, door frames, partition walls, and many more. Cork sealant for expansion joint is often used by our clients who wish to combine tiles with parquet and panels. Perfect heat insulation for your doors and windows! Convinced?

How to approach the installation?

Bostik 3070 cork mass should be applied with an applicator gun specially dedicated to the liquid cork. We recommend using our Liquid Cork Bostik 3070 Applicator Gun, which you can find above. Just remember – before you fill the joints evenly with cork mass, precisely clean the chosen surface. It should be dry, free from dust and grease. The drying time of the spray cork insulation is about 6 to 12 hours – depends on the temperature conditions in the interior where you fix your cork sealant for expansion joint.

Inspired by ecology

We create our products with care for the environment. Cork sealant for expansion joint is made from natural, biodegradable cork. Eco-friendly production and sustainable solutions – these are our priorities!
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