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Looking for something more than a traditional form of cork? Shredded cork is for you!

Cork granules – an excellent material that can be used in many industries including light industry, model making, scenography, shoe industry or gardening. Cork bits can be used directly from the package or used for further processing. It all depends on the idea and imagination! Cork chunks are natural and their decorative brown colour and original structure perfectly imitates rubble and stone.

How are cork granules made?

Larger cork bits are a premium and high-quality product that is made by a mechanical grinding of natural cork. This is an environmentally-friendly process since we use the parts of the cork that were not previously used in the production (i.e. of cork stoppers). Shredding natural cork does not affect the quality of the material, quite the contrary – the fragmented cork can be successfully used in places and products where the traditional forms of cork (e.g. cork sheets) are not applicable.

What size of the cork bits can I purchase?

We provide cork chunks that measure a few centimetres. Shredded cork is the largest size of cork granules available in our store – 10-50 mm, with the 75-85 kg/m³ density. Each packaging contains 15 kg of cork granules.

Why is it worth reaching for cork chunks?

Natural cork has good insulating parameters, which is why it is often added to various products and gadgets – it improves their quality. Shredded cork is mould and fungus resistant, and can be used as a flame retardant material. Cork granules are durable, flexible and resistant to external influences. Cork bits are also non-slip and abrasion-resistant.

Practical and decorative material for your garden and terrarium

Shredded cork is used as a useful ingredient in plant substrates – natural cork gives the soil lightness and permeability. Looking for the perfect substitute for artificial substrates? This is it! Cork granules are excellent also for terrariums. Use it as a base material and natural decoration – cork bits will definitely complement any terrarium arrangement.

Crafting and shaping with cork chunks

Shredded cork is used for moulding, creating decorative stage sets and all kinds of professional mock-ups or dioramas. Cork granules also serve as an ecological filler in the furniture industry.

Closer to nature with sustainable materials

Cork granules are natural and safe. When creating our products, we focus not only on the highest quality, but also on a sustainable approach to the production. We believe in nature!
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