Watercourses radiation insulation cork boards

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What should I know about underground water courses?

Have you heard before about water courses that may negatively affect your well-being? The enthusiasts of this approach state that there are detrimental effects of water courses that influence our health (e.g. fatigue, sleep disturbances, pain, and more). In order to protect yourself and your family from the negative effects of the underground water courses, make sure you create a safe and comfortable interior in your building. Turn to a professional and licensed dowser that knows how to detect the water courses, but also select the best material on the market that will minimise their negative impacts. We recommend natural cork because nature is always the best!

Cork mats against water courses – available dimensions in our store

What size of cork mats do you need? In our store, you will the product in three sizes:
20 x 635 x 945 mm,
15 x 635 x 945 mm,
10 x 635 x 945 mm.
Cork mats against geopathic radiation are mainly used for linings in places that may be exposed to water courses.

Cork mats against geopathic radiation – the best solution!

Water courses? One solution to this problem is to use effective protection mats! Moderating cork mats minimise the risk of geopathic radiation and serve as an effective barrier that maximises the comfort of living in your house.

Nature inspires us

Did you know that cork is a natural and non-toxic material? We believe that the strength of our products lies in the fact that they are inspired by nature! Artificial equivalents often turn out to be a good solution only for a short period of time – natural cork will serve you for many years! Effective, ecological, sustainable and recyclable material – that's what we love about natural cork the most!

Natural cork not only against water courses

Natural cork is a material that will visibly improve the comfort and quality of your building. Our clients love natural cork and increasingly turn to cork products! We recommend eco cork for allergy sufferers because it's a hypoallergenic product, which does not attract dust. Cork floors are comfortable, soft, and warm! Natural cork also serves as a heat and sound insulation.  
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