Decorative cork wall tiles

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Art of reinventing cork

Every time we create our products, we wish to design something authentic and fresh that will be a turn away from the classic formula. Our decorative cork wall tile is an answer to current world trends. Available in many versions! A wide selection of decorative cork wall tiles ensures that you will find the perfect model for you. Uniqueness, high quality and charisma are the three features that all of our decorative panels have in common.

Bringing modern design into your life

Due to the multitude of shades and colours, you can use our decorative cork wall tiles everywhere. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, children's room. Decorative tiles are a universal product that will fit any style – contemporary, retro, Scandinavian. So what colour will you choose? Maybe you will reach for the natural beauty of cork or choose the panels that resemble stone? We also have something for more daring clients. Discover the whole range of colours – from creamy to vivid and crazy colours!

Make things better with cork material

Only the highest quality product! These glamorous, elegant and fashionable decorative cork wall tiles go hand in hand with usability. The tiles serve as a great sound insulation and heat insulation. If you don't like spending too much time cleaning, this is also a perfect product for you. All you need to keep it clean is wipe the decorative tiles with a combination of warm water and detergent, e.g. soap. It's easy!

Creative design for your needs

What type and size do you need? Find what you are looking for with us! The most popular type of decorative cork available in our store is wall tiles. You will find them in the 3 x 300 x 600 mm and 6.5 x 150 x 172 mm (hexagon cork tiles) formats. Do you need cork wall covering in the form of a roll? We sell it in the format of 2 mm x 0.5 m x 8 m. If you need decorative cork in a larger format, please visit the section "Natural decorative cork bark wall tiles and panels".

Natural is always the one

By choosing our decorative cork wall tiles, you support sustainable and ecological production. Cork wall decorations are made from natural cork, which is not only useful and beautiful, but also an ecological material. Take care of the environment with us – we believe in nature!

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