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A large cork board is what you need? Order immediately!

The cork roll is the highest quality natural cork product, used in countless applications. Its production process consists in joining the Portuguese cork granules with an organic binder. Cork board roll is perfect for making large cork board sheets without many visible joints. Large cork board tiles are an ideal solution for offices, schools, colleges and homes. Due to a really easy assembly, you do not need to have any special skills. You just need a simple knife for wallpaper to cut the cork roll and any contact adhesive to wood or cork adhesive to glue it. Its high elasticity prevents the cork sheet roll from crumbling during cutting leaving the edges of the stopper even and looking nice for a long time.

How to choose the most suitable thickness of the large cork notice board roll?

The most common pushpin to cork rolls has soldering a length of ca. 11 mm. Therefore, a cork material with a thickness of 5 to 10 mm is recommended so that you can securely pin documents or photos to the cork roll at home or in your office. However, if you have a soft backing to which you intend to apply a decorative layer of cork wall tiles, cork rolls of thickness 2 to 4 mm will be sufficient. Polysteryne, cardboard or soft porous filler can substitute such thin cork rolls for walls. However, if the cork thickness s more important for you than its format, you should choose medium-size cork sheets thicker than 10 mm. Such a thick agglomerated cork pin board can be glued directly to a wall or other surfaces or used to make cork baffles between the desks serving as a workplace dampening and as a handy and easy to access cork board wall.

Are there any wider cork rolls available?

Cork rolls 0.8 to 10mm thick and 100cm wide are sold regularly and they are always in stock. 1 meter wide cork roll is available without delay and delivery time is 48 hours. Upon special order, you can order cork rolls of nonstandard width, however such an order has to be placed for wholesale quantity. Other widths available are: 95, 120, 130, 140 and 150 cm. See the chart on the right for the minimum order quantity for each thickness. Such orders are usually delivered in around 4 weeks. Cork material from 2 to 10mm thick is sold per linear metre so you can purchase it in any quantity. It is also possible to make a special order according to the given measurements if you are not fully satisfied with our standard offer. However one of the proposed dimensions of the large cork board cannot exceed 100 cm, which means we could produce a 90x160cm giant cork board, but 140x140cm might be impossible.

How cork rolls for walls can be fixed and with what tools?

Since Cork material is a fine material it is possible to fix it in many different ways. One of the easiest and cheapest methods is to glue it with cork glue such as Wakol D-3540, which you can find in our ‘Cork Glues’ section. Our recommendation is to use around 200 grams of glue per sheet, which means that 0.8kg of glue is enough for a cork board roll of 1m x 4m, and a bucket of 2.5kg - 12 SQM. Nevertheless, the use of cork adhesive is not obligatory. You can also use any common fixing glues and strong wood binders. We advise to use a product with good initial tack, in particular if you are not too experienced, because it is faster and easier. Our cork sheet rolls can be used for various purposes and it is up to your creativity and imagination what use you will make of them. You can choose from a wide range of natural cork products that we offer to suit your needs. Just spend a little time to find out more about our cork products!
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