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Creating eco-friendly gadgets for a better future with natural cork!

Cork accessories and eco-friendly gadgets are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Why? There are many reasons! Above all, cork fashion and accessories are sustainable and ecological. It is also a great alternative for vegans and everyone who wants to take care of our environment! Cork is a functional material that is used for building materials, thermal insulation, cork boards, but this is not the end of the story! In our store you will find a lot of accessories and gadgets made from natural cork – for women, men and children. Not only are they practical, they also present a timeless beauty with an extraordinary natural brown cork colour!

Products for everybody! Ecological accessories – eco gadgets for the home and more

What can you find in our store? Lots of modern and charming products that will delight everyone! Fashionable and practical gadgets, such as: eco wallets, cork USB flash drives, wedges, globes or cutter knives. Impress your friends and purchase a cork dart board – lots of fun guaranteed!

Why is natural cork such a wonderful material?

The list of the advantages of natural cork is very long! Cork is a durable, waterproof and non-toxic material. Natural cork is often chosen by allergy sufferers as it is a hypoallergenic product that does not attract dust. What is more, the cork material is light and very pleasant to touch. Our eco gadgets combine fashionable design with practicality and comfort – you will fall in love with natural cork!

Nature is always in fashion!

More and more people are moving away from buying artificial materials. We are so happy that nature is in fashion! Natural cork is obtained from the bark of cork oak – the material grows back every 9 years, and the harvesting of the top layer does not damage the trees. When creating our unusual gadgets, we do not forget about the environment. We love nature!

The best gift? Eco-friendly gift!

Are you looking for eco-friendly presents? Bingo! In our shop online, you can find gifts for children and travel enthusiasts, but not only. You will delight those who love eco-friendly gadgets! Sustainable cork is an extremely versatile material, thanks to which we create numerous useful products. Each of them is characterised by high quality that will surely satisfy even the most demanding clients!  
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