Fine grained cork sheets

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What are the available sizes of cork sheets?

In our store online, fine-grained cork sheets are available in the dimension of 635 x 940 mm. Natural cork is an exceptionally versatile material that can be used in various industries. For this reason, we offer these large cork board sheets in various thicknesses – from 1 mm to 20 mm.

Cutting, processing, transforming… Many options with technical cork!

Thanks to their structure, fine-grained cork sheets are not only very smooth and pleasant to touch, but also universal. The material is often chosen by the industries responsible for designing mock-ups and furniture – a sharp knife is enough to cut cork precisely. A cork sheet can also be used as a protective surface for transporting glass. Additionally, natural cork can be combined with cardboard or paper.

Smart gadgets with large cork board sheets

Are you looking for the best material to create stunning and environmentally-friendly advertising gadgets? Larger cork board sheets have a delightful natural brown colour, and their uniform and smooth surface is resistant to cracking. For the creation of cork pads, we recommend material up to 3 mm.

Creating natural interior with cork sheet

Cork wall will completely revamp any space and interior! Cork sheets are easy to install – just use an effective cork glue. We recommend reaching for the best eco-friendly Wakol D-3540 contact adhesive, which you can also buy in our store.

The advantages of using natural cork

  • Cork boards provide thermal insulation and reduce irritating sounds,
  • cork is a durable material and will serve you for many years,
  • another advantage of the products made from natural cork is that they are lightweight.

Do more and see more with nature!

It is difficult to imagine today's industry without the use of sustainable cork, which is a natural, renewable and recyclable material. Cork is a safe and universal material, thanks to which we have been developing sustainable production and creating products from natural cork at the highest level for years!
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