Natural decorative cork bark wall tiles

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You deserve an original decoration

Yes, you do! That's why we present to you a decoration that is useful, durable, natural, and stunning. Sounds like a dream, huh? Be ready to explore our cork bark wall panels, and it will be love at first sight. A true bestseller in the modern sense and created from natural cork! The adhesive layer is suitable for gluing only on smooth, flat, clean and dust-free surfaces (e.g. plasterboard or furniture).

It's time to think outside the box

Looking for original wall finishes for the living room or your bedroom? Or maybe you are thinking about an ecological interior design for your restaurant or office that will impress everybody? Let's go, our cork wall panels are the answer to all the above – and more! Cork panels will revamp your interiors and make them look wonderfully refined with the original darker colour of the sustainable cork. Impress your friends and family with your taste and unusual approach to design with our decorative cork!

The art of usefulness

One-of-a-kind cork bark wall panels are astonishing, and create a cosy, pleasant atmosphere, but that's not their only advantage. Cork wall panels are an exceptionally practical solution, serving as a sound insulation and thermal insulation. They are waterproof, handy, easy to cut, and most importantly – totally safe. Don't worry about your family and pets while choosing these cork panels!

Feel it and choose your way

There is a wide range of cork bark wall panels – explore the endless possibilities and choose the one that fits your interior best. There are different formats: 25 x 610 x 915 mm, 15 x 610 x 915 mm, 8 x 610 x 915 mm. You can choose self-adhesive cork and make the installation as clear, simple and quick as possible. Choose the perfect pattern and alternate your interior. Give it an elegant and stylish look with the sensational cork wall panels.

It must be eco-friendly

Producing eco-friendly materials is of utmost importance for us. Every decorative cork wall panel is 100% ecological design. Together we can make a difference – choose sustainable materials for your home and be environmentally-friendly.

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