Granulated cork insulation

In Search of Top-Quality Granulated Cork Insulation? Choose Expanded Cork!

Expanded cork has won the hearts of our customers – a true top-seller! There are ample reasons for this. For those in need of a dependable and efficient material, look no further. Avoid spending on synthetic and inadequate materials that degrade over time. Expanded cork granules are ideal for unconventional applications, being both adaptable and light in weight! A unique feature of these cork granules is their rich, dark color, which adds a decorative touch. This material can effectively mimic the look of soil or stones – making it an excellent choice for your terrarium and garden. Practical, eco-friendly, and stylish – what else could one ask for?

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The Creation of Expanded Cork Granules: A Zero Waste Journey

The process is ecologically sound. Initially, we subject natural cork grains to extreme heat in special molds. During this heating phase, the cork fragments swellsimilar to how popcorn pops. This is the stage where the natural material enhances its qualities beyond other materials or even conventional cork forms. In making expanded cork, the material emits a resin (suberin) which organically unites all the particles. Expanded cork granules are crafted using leftovers from the production of expanded cork insulation boards.

Expanded Material's Granulated Cork – Available Sizes in Our Online Store

Our granulated cork insulation is available in sizes of 3-10 mm (with an average density of 60-70 kg/m³). These expanded cork granules are extremely user-friendly owing to their easy-to-handle and featherlight nature. This remarkable granulated cork is engineered for efficient, practical, and swift insulation, perfect for difficult-to-access locations.

Superior Insulation with Expanded Cork Granules

Dreaming of coziness and quiet in your premises? Expanded cork meets these needs, offering unmatched insulation. If you're in search of cork boards, do explore our "Thermal & Sound Insulation Expanded Cork Boards" section. With the expansion process during heating, the cork becomes an excellent material for top-notch thermal and acoustic insulation. Expanded cork ensures comfort in spaces prone to noise and chilly conditions.

Diverse Applications of Granulated Cork Insulation in Construction and Beyond

Ever wondered about the uses of expanded cork when it's finely shredded? Expanded cork insulation has a wide range of applications, particularly favored in the building sector for filling inner double walls, gable roofs, offering loose insulation amongst joists, filling voids, and in unoccupied floor areas, among others. Did you know expanded cork granules are also a hit in the movie industry? They are used by filmmakers for crafting special effects like simulated rubble in explosive scenes!

Your Eco-Friendly Insulation Choice

We present to you a completely secure and natural product, free from any synthetic binders or harmful chemicals. Furthermore, expanded cork is both hypoallergenic and fully recyclable. It's sourced from the bark of cork oak trees, known for absorbing four times more CO₂ than other tree varieties. We're proud of the environmental friendliness and sustainability of natural cork!

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