Anti vibration mat HD expanded cork board

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High density expanded cork – a premium product for demanding customers

Looking for the best insulation for walls? High density cork board insulation will meet your expectations! Thanks to the increased density, our cork panels are the perfect anti-vibration mats, as well as noise insulation and heat insulation – create and ensure maximum comfort in your building. Natural high density cork sheets that you can find in our store are available in different thicknesses in order to satisfy specific needs of our clients!

How to use HD expanded cork boards? Underfloor insulation, roof insulation and more!

High density cork sheets can be used for floors, walls or ceilings. Cork board insulation HD is especially recommended for spaces exposed to heavy vibrations, increased noise and low temperatures. Anti-vibration mat will decrease negative side effects of using production machines, and ensure comfortable work. Perfect sound insulation and heat insulation for rooms that are subject to nuisance noise and escaping heat.

Expanded cork and the process of its formation

Cork owes its unusual insulating properties to the heating process. Cork grains are formed in special forms where they are subjected to high temperatures and pressure. The cork pieces grow (similarly to popcorn) and are joined together by a natural binder – suberin – released during the process. The entire product is 100% natural and does not contain any artificial ingredients. HD cork board insulation is a step forward for those who need exceptional insulation parameters. This exclusive type of expanded cork presents a higher density (170-190 kg/m³) than standard boards (110-120 kg/m³).

A range of options

A cork board insulation has dimensions of 500 x 1000 mm. In our online store you can choose from four different versions of high density expanded cork board in terms of material thickness: 20, 30, 40 and 50 mm. The greater the thickness of the panel, the better the insulation.

Improving house insulation? Quality comes first!

Planning to improve your heat or ceiling insulation? Purchase cork boards insulation from expanded cork and get the best insulator! Reach for a proven and durable solution. Do you know that the properties of expanded cork remain unchanged for up to several dozens of years? Expanded cork boards are flame-retardant material that do not emit harmful substances in the event of a fire. A high density cork sheet is characterised by a low thermal conductivity coefficient – 0.037-0.040 W/mK.

Your eco-friendly insulation

There are many advantages of expanded cork that we have already presented to you, yet another one is that when you choose our product, you get natural material. All insulation cork sheets are created with care for the environment. Sustainable production equals sustainable insulation. A natural product that is second to none!  
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