Cork roll 4mm

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Cork board roll – product with many advantages

We offer the highest quality of cork roll 4mm! Cork board roll is a lightweight material made from agglomerated cork. Natural cork presents very good durability – the material will serve you for many years! Cork is a virtually unsinkable material that also absorbs impacts.

Why is it worth choosing a cork in a roll?

Rolled cork is a fantastic material that will allow you to ignite your imagination and creativity! Cork roll is used in various types of production or hobby activities:
  • cork roll 4mm has a wide range of applications: construction (as technical cork), wall decorations, the footwear and advertising industry, fishing, automotive and many others,
  • cork board roll can be combined with wood,
  • rolled cork is an ideal product for creating natural, quality and surprising decorative gadgets,
  • a cork roll is often used for making yoga mats.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Surface protection with rolled cork! Your cork wall covering roll

Are you looking for an effective material that will perform a protective function? Cork board roll is the best! Rolled cork is the perfect protective material underneath your laptop or computer. Natural cork is resistant to damage.

Installing a cork roll 4mm – can I handle it? How does it work?

Easy to install! Just remember that the surface – on which the cork is applied to – should be clean, dry and free from dust. We recommend the best Wakol D-3540 contact adhesive. Before installation, remove your cork board roll from the packaging and acclimatise cork in the room for 72 hours – cork is a natural material that needs time to adapt to the prevailing conditions in the room.

Better living with nature

Cork is a natural material that is harvested periodically. The bark is collected from the trees without damaging them! Cork is a vegan product that is also recommended for allergy sufferers – it is a safe product for your health!
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