Expanded insulation cork boards

The best house insulation? Expanded cork boards – your perfect choice!

Expanded cork is a material that – thanks to its unique properties – serves as an exceptional heat insulation and sound insulation. A great alternative to mineral wool or polystyrene – a natural and sustainable solution that guarantees an unbeatable product! Each aspect of the production and structure makes expanded cork a one-of-a-kind product – from its production, through the properties and appearance.

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What is expanded cork? Insulation created by nature

Expanded cork is a highly effective home insulation that is created during the process of heating. Natural cork grains are heated and formed in dedicated containers, where they expand and swell – similarly to popcorn. Cork grains are exposed to temperatures above 350 degrees. A natural resin that is released during the process binds the expanded grains. That's how the magic happens! The final product is entirely naturalno artificial additives are included in the end product!

Looking for reliable external wall insulation? Finest acoustic insulation?

You've got it! Expanded cork is the best home insulation – both external and internal. The thermal conductivity of expanded cork is 0.037-0.040 W/mK, which makes it an exceptionally great heat insulation material. With expanded cork, the noise can be reduced by up to 59 dB – the irregular structure of the expanded natural cork sheets disperses all irritating noises and eliminates room reverberation. Expanded cork is also a great anti-vibration material. With expanded cork, you will create a safe and comfortable place to live!

Different thicknesses available – which cork sheet should I choose?

The size of an expanded cork board is 500 x 1000 mm. We offer different thicknesses of the product – from 10 to 300 mm. Which one to choose? 20-30 mm is the minimum thickness if you wish to obtain an insulating effect, but the optimal one is 30-40 mm. Looking for wall materials with greater insulating properties? Visit the category with high density (HD) expanded cork. For building facades, we have created specially dedicated panels, which you can find in the MD Facade section.

Quality and stylish design! Decorative cork boards

What makes expanded cork so special and different when it comes to the appearance? It is a classy and captivating darker shade of cork. A refined colour is a result of the heating process that visually transforms cork grains into a modern decoration. You can always hide the surface of your expanded cork boards using technical or decorative cork if you appreciate the insulating properties of the material more than its design.

Your house insulation that you can rely on

Did you know that the features of expanded cork remain unchanged for up to even 50 years? Expanded cork boards are durable and reliable. Unlike the other synthetic wall materials that are often chosen, cork does not emit harmful volatile substances and will not negatively affect the air quality in your room. Expanded cork is also fire-resistant and does not emit harmful compounds in the event of a fire. Expanded cork boards maintain dimensional stability in the temperature range from -180 °C to 120 °C and allow the water vapour to pass through the material.

Passion for natural products

All our products are made from ecological cork. What does it mean in practice? It's all good news! Cork is a remarkable raw material that allows us to create natural, recyclable, and safe products. While manufacturing our expanded cork boards, we make sure that the production is as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as possible. We believe in nature!  
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