Rubber cork roller coverings

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Use cork rubber covering to help eliminate slippage!

Searching for the finest material that will help you reduce machine slippage? Try our cork rubber covering! If you need a reliable, non-slip, and stable surface that you can cover a roller with, this is it! The combination of rubber and cork has been efficiently used in the various production sectors. Mixing cork material with rubber forms a product that is highly recommended for slippery surfaces, especially rollers used in the production.

What is the available size of a rubber cork tape?

All rubber cork tapes are sold in the dimensions of 1.6 mm x 50 mm, but we offer different product lengths: 3.5 m, 33 m, 50 m, 66 m and 100 m. The rubber cork covering consists of:

  • backing fabric – cotton,
  • working material – butadiene-styrene rubber and cork.
We sell our rubber cork tape in the form of a self-adhesive tape - the tape is a one-sided adhesive tape. Thanks to the smart form of roller covering, the product is comfortable, handy and easy to apply.

Roller covering – an ideal solution for various industries

What is the cork rubber covering used for? Above all, the rubber cork tape increases the coefficient of friction. That is why a roller covering is most often used as anti-skid linings of different rollers - printing, cutting, laminating, or textile production. Cork rubber covering is also used by companies that use machines for winding foil, paper or any other flexible materials.

What do you get by choosing cork rubber covering? A highly functional material

Rubber cork has many advantages! Firstly, our rubber cork tape gives a very good grip to slippery surfaces (such us, e.g. rollers) and prevents the materials from moving or sliding. The roller covering is shock absorbing product and impact resistant.  Our cork rubber covering does not crumble and will serve you for a long time, as rubber cork tape shows high resistance to external factors. Our cork rubber covering is resistant to e.g. acids, oils, and fungi. Rubber cork tape is also a product that can be easily removed from the surface without large traces of adhesive.
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