Self adhesive cork strips 2mm

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Natural cork is the best! Use a cork strip roll 2 mm for more convenient use

Self-adhesive cork in a convenient and handy form of a cork tape roll? We’ve got it! Our cork strip roll is an ideal material that you can use to wrap slippery surfaces when you need a more stable surface. Self-adhesive strips can also be used to create efficient seals and linings for cabinets and shelves, as natural cork effectively protects delicate surfaces against scratches.

Self-adhesive strips from natural cork – available sizes

Cork strips for wall are made from cork granules and the highest quality materials. We sell the 2 mm thickness in two different formats: 2 mm x 100 mm x 50 m and 2 mm x 50 mm x 50 m. The convenient form of the roll in no way affects the properties of natural cork or the quality of the self-adhesive cork tape. Self-adhesive cork tape has been designed in such a way that it guarantees precise and simple installation. Moreover, the natural and brown shade of the cork tape is pleasing to the eye!

Use self-adhesive cork for your artistic projects!

Are you looking for original but useful materials for your art projects? Let your imagination run wild with natural cork! Using your self-adhesive strips, you can create unique and one-of-a-kind craft projects. Self-adhesive cork tape can be cut, trimmed, painted… There are many options!

Cork strips for wall – the best quality and properties

What determines the uniqueness of our cork strips for wall is undoubtedly a self-adhesive layer that is an exceptionally useful feature of our cork tape. Natural cork is a lightweight material that has practical anti-slip properties. Additionally, self-adhesive cork tape is durable and does not absorb odours.

Nature for a better future!

Did you know that cork is a natural and renewable material that can also be recycled? Yes! Choosing natural solutions is of particular importance – especially in view of global warming. The use of natural materials may reduce the negative impact on the environment by up to 98%! Choose wisely and take care of our planet with us!
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