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Moss wall panels – choose nature for a better future!

Are you bored with banal wallpapers? Looking for something new and fresh? Choose our decorative moss wall panels – moss decoration will surprise you with its functionality, appearance and creativity! 3D decorative moss material is perfect for home, office, café, restaurant, pub – anywhere! Create a charming, friendly and cosy atmosphere and let yourself be surrounded by nature in your interior.

Decorative wall panels – what can I purchase in your online store? What about the installation?

In our online store, you can purchase green moss, but we also create custom colours on request. If you have your dream colour of moss in mind – contact us via email! Tiles in the shape of rhombus (diamonds) can be arranged in many different ways – the shape of our decorative wall panels enable a variety of configurations! For the installation of a moss panel, we recommend a proven adhesive, Wakol D-3540, thanks to which your installation will be quick and easy!

Natural and delightful appearance with a designer moss panel

By being surrounded by nature, you feel more calm and relaxed. Moss wall decor is an exceptionally simple and approachable way to introduce nature and harmony to your interior! Moss wall panels are a perfect example of a minimalist, yet original design that perfectly combines nature, class and modern style!

Moss wall decor – enjoy your natural choice

Decorative wall panels with moss are made with great precision and care. For the production of the moss panels, we use only the best parts of moss and cork, thanks to which the product is of high-quality and can serve you for a long time! Natural material will relieve your tired eyes and reduce stress after a long, hard day.

Getting more from nature

An unusual combination of nature with moss and natural cork2 in 1! Our designer 3D moss panels for walls are environmentally-friendly – natural moss is fully recyclable and completely biodegradable. A 100% environmentally-friendly product, consisting of a base made from natural cork and a layer of moss. We believe in nature!  
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