1mm thick

Looking for the best cork for cutting, engraving, painting over or printing?

Fine grained cork board sheets 635x940mm is a perfect material for any type of cutting, engraving, printing and laminating. Being elastic and uniform and having a smooth surface and shatter resistance, the fine grained cork board sheets are a great material for the production of various goods, such as: merchandise, shoe insoles, gaskets and many more. Cork sheets from 0.8 to 3mm thick are used for the production of merchandise (i.e. cork coasters). Cork combines perfectly with paper, cardboard, foam, plastics etc. We offer sheets that are 5, 7 and 10mm thick for shoe industry (insoles, lining, wedges, heels). Fine grained cork panels of 2 to 5mm thickness are used for the production of gaskets, seals and clutch lining.

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