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Bored with your interiors? No time for hesitation – choose decorative wall panels!

Boring wallpapers, banal options... It's just a waste of time. What you need is an original, but stylish and sophisticated decor for your home interior design. Choose our decorative expanded cork wall panels Expanda and completely change your place. Your family and friends will be impressed!

Originality and usefulness at your fingertips with expanded cork

If you want to impress other people with your taste, choose decorative expanded cork panels! Expanda will transform the interiors and make them look more refined. Cork decorations are suitable for any kind of interior: living room, office, restaurants, cafés or other places exposed to frequent contact with touch. A natural lining for the terrarium that you have never seen before!

Expanded cork? What is it?

The difference with expanded cork is that its granules have been expanded by high temperature. Such granules contain more air and present a darker tone of colour  that is why it serves as an original, natural decoration. It is primarily a modern and sustainable decoration that will guarantee warmth and silence in your room. However, if you are looking for a material with increased insulating properties, visit the other subcategories of the expanded cork section. We are sure you will find the right material for your interior!

Size of the decorative cork wall art Expanda?

Expanda wall cork panels are available in 10 x 305 x 305 mm size. If you are bored by the omnipresent classical wood, ceramics or cold glass, choose a timeless and stunning material. Every decorative cork wall covering is 100% unique, designed and created by nature.

How to install Expanda?

You can fix decorative cork wall panels in many different ways. One of the easiest and cheapest methods is to glue it with cork glue such as Wakol D-3540 that you can find in our "Cork tile adhesive" section.

If you care about ecology…

...then you probably want your interior to be environmentally friendly, right? We secure the highest quality of eco-friendly products. Expanda is made of 100% natural and ecological material. Long story short, we have created a product that is defined by a great design, useful function, and created by nature. Isn't that great?
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